May 02, 2007

the weather is not very summery, a hail shower is hitting the window atm. but i think it'll come along. the summer plans are coming along, anyway. i have that trip to london to my friends bachelorette party, at the end of june. but everything else is open. i want to go to a festival, i haven't been to any in years! Ruisrock and Provinssirock are the main options. then there's going to asia in july, and i think Bali specifically. my co-worker bailed out on the trip, so i'm going with someone else or elses, him probably included. there's a wedding party in portugal, in september, that we could go to, but i don't know if i personally can afford any more trips later in the year. and in June we're thinking of going driving around a bit, to lapland presumably. i bet my boss will love when he hears how much time i'm taking off....err

well well, according to Reporters Without Borders and the american Freedom House org (pdf), Finland enjoyes, again, the most press freedom in the world. shared #1 with iceland. no surprises there? go iceland :) i try to imagine how it would be if i lived in...i dunno, UK or whatever...Canada? #9 and #22 on these lists. i was in Canada, but i guess i didn't follow the press much, i can't say if i could tell the difference, if the freedom would seem limited to me as a reader/citizen.

i've been sketching my new tattoo at work and home. i have an appointment tomorrow and altho the ankle was my original plan, i am now considering the top of the foot as well. its especially important how it works with shoes so i keep trying them on and taking photos ...

i'd forgotten i prosed to judge photos for this contest "the dark side of fetish". and damn, the entries are actually GOOD! i mean to be quite honest, they rarely are at this level, rgardless of the theme. i can only pick my suggestions for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and i can honestly say it will be hard to make these decisions. usually people lie when they say that.

this for example is quite awesome;

fuck, i'll spend the next week posting these jewels in my blog.

in the morning i saw my ex walking down the street, i was in a car and he didn't see me. he'd gained weight since i last saw him. the bitterness that i hold against him, for not being interested in staying in touch with me, rose to the surface again. since its not like we separated in anger, and we even met a few times after the break up, it just died because he let it. it was awkward at times, meeting each other i mean, i guess we didn't have a lot in common after all, but i think it could've worked out and we could've remained friends of some sort if only he wanted it. if he bothered to try. he's an architect now. and we broke up in the 90's, 3 times, according to my books.

i am thinking of cooking tonight, and if one-ingredient meals don't count, i don't think i've cooked anything in a month. or longer. i recall cooking something in the very beginning of december, but i'm sure there's been another time since then. what i got is oat-pasta, minced beef, onion, pepper and mushrooms. i don't know if that makes any sense when put together but i'm not picky about my food.

the hockey game last night was pretty devastating. end of story :( i think its our first common hobby. unless boxing counts, he went to the company sponsored boxing club the other week. i haven't been there in ages again, but if i go back i rather we divide the weeks and he gets every other and i get every other week. the idea of sharing our sports hobbies is pretty sick? and turns out he follows football as well. aka soccer. christ! like, what sort of an IDIOT watches FOOTBALL? WTF??!! major turn-off. because its just wrong! and retarded! now i'm angered and pissed upon remembering and thinking of this :(

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