July 06, 2007

Iran is starting their own news channel, press tv. sounds fine by me, i hope it becomes available online so i can check it out. i suppose there a slight need for middle east to get their own voice heard when they're on the news every day, but the news are made by everyone else. and yes i would think they're mostly subjectively covered.

F has a big family party tomorrow, up in westcoast of finland. he left there today and i gave my video thingy for him to spend some time with and put 2 movies in that he should. the video player totally saved me on my flights to and back from London. i watched Fracture and several Scrubs episodes. anyway i put Napoleon Dynamite and Irreversible (trailer) in there for him. Irreversible might require some more concentration so i dont know how it'll work out for him on this trip but anyway. the movie seems to always have a strong effect on people and they tend to either hate it or love it. regardless, i wasnt sure at first, but i knew i guess i would love it. it is perfectly described "what has been done, cannot be undone", and the movie portrays it beautifully, altho the explicit violence scares many. explicit violence is scary, and unfortunately a real part of life and something that cannot be undone... and one thing leads to another. this too, is perfectly explained in the movies backwards order of scenes. i recommend. and Monica Bellucci, i love her.

2 other movies i got for F, but didn't upload in the player yet, were After Life and Takashi Miike's Audition and Ichi the Killer. all asian. i'm not a fetishist for asian movies, but we really have seen almost all the same movies, the most popular mainstream ones anyway. so theres not too many there that he hadnt seen but should. Disco Pigs and Bang Rajan are also on the to watch-list but they're available in the video rental store... and we agreed to watch Breakfast Club again some time, its one of my all time favorites.

i should probably check out more of Miike's movies, hes done so many and the ones i have seen have usually been very good. oh this reminds me, Espoo Cine festival is in august. they're usually heavily concentrated in european film and fantasy film. and fantasy does not mean flying cows but perhaps just minds sprained from their rails.... good stuff!! last year my favorite film was the Lost(trailer). seems to be a rarity, i cant even find it on Amazon or eBay... :(

i know got stuck in searching some movies i'm interested in. en soap, strorm, the method, my life without me...

oh, Susanna, knowing this is one of my fav drinks, gave me this link on Red Bull. i wonder if theres much difference to the sugarfree version, which i drink? anyway, sounds all good to me.

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