July 31, 2007

i added a link to the sidebar; " please take my Blog Reader Project survey. " altho i'm still slightly uncertain about it. while i dont have a page counter and dont want any, nor do i follow readers or their ip's or anything like that, i dont think this would ruin it for me... but we shall see. i saw it in Marianne's blog and at first was a little hesitant to fill it, age, location etc...but then it started to get more interesting. but the truth is, ive always liked taking surveys *blushes*

tuesday i have a day off. by the time i wake up, F probably finishes work and it will be a sushi day! delicious. and we have a Beck movie saved up for viewing too.

damn flying is so expensive... i started looking around for that trip to asia i was thinking later in the year. helsinki - hanoi -(train to saigon) - saigon - melbourne/sydney - helsinki. 3 flights = 2100euros. and thats with my talent of finding the best prices. it would be the same price to do vietnam and australia separately, does that make any sense? 2100 is a LOT of money, not that i expected it to be cheap but it looks like i will reconsider some part of this... maybe just vietnam, to do the train trip? Jaska said he was interested in going so it is an additional motive. but then, i'm thinking, fuck, what if i just go shop? i seem to be moody lately. one day im devoting everything i have to traveling, wanting to see the world while i still can, and the next day i go "fuck it, i want new furniture." im not sure what i should do. what is really important now? things have changed a lot this year, or during the past year, so it makes heavy decision making more difficult as priorities are questioned.

but speaking of traveling i decided to not go to that wedding in Portugal. F booked tickets today. i figured since its mostly friends from his exchange year and blah blah... i could well be an outsider at times. and it wouldnt hurt to save up money either. or stop spending it. aaaand the website related to my 2nd job will launch that week. important times for customer service! itd be good if i was there to see how the launch goes, how the service works and what customers have to say etc. im relieved i finally made a decision regarding this. i feel kind of obligated by myself to go (travel) whenever the option is presented. and ive never been to portugal. but, so it is.

i just ordered these 2 shirts from TshirtHell

photo from Paris *is going through her really old files*
she is Alyz. with my shoes on! :)

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