August 06, 2007

everyone has a Meez character now, even F altho he isnt online. ive had one too for a while (but the profile is private). but here it is.

and for the record the whole fuckin Meez thing is like...what? community around displaying an animated image of yourself, or what ud like to be anyway. and buying rings or eye make up on your character that has nothing to with you in the end. they're like Bratz dolls, unrealistic and just like all the dollies and anime shit out there. i dont think it brings anything new to the table. i dont care how fancy or special the code in their 3D stuff is, and wow, the character moves!! o_O or am i missing something, why is there a new site like Meetz, what is it that they bring to the table? then again, i dont really get Second Life or Habbo either, but i can somehow understand their existence, they at least started long ago. and those are actually pretty complicated and multi-functional communities.

what pisses me off [rant warning] is how people go on about how great some games or Second Life or whatever looks like. "its so realistic!". yea. well i'm sure they've come far from what they were at the times of Commodore 64... but it all really depends on what you compare to. okay, you compare games to prior games or other games. fair sort of, but dont fuckin say it looks good or realistic. it DOES NOT! (see game screenshots) if lucky, a still photo might look almost nice, in small size, but u get the game going and its totally unnatural. someone out there thinks ive only seen bad games. fuck that, ive seen people brag about all the fancy shit they play, it really doesnt impress me. why? because i actually DO compare to reality. (reality? see example if u have forgotten. do i need to link real videos too?) i never played games so i dont give pity points or development points "oh its become so much more from what it was!". okay i admit very very few games are getting close (see example) but when it comes to vast majority, 99%, and you add movement...they are plain ugly. theres no way around that. if you think they look good, your vision has become distorted from staring at that shit too much.
->second life screenshots
. looks fuckin AWFUL. it hurts my eyes.
and you're supposed to spend time there?? the Meez character suddenly looks quite nice... and they i get people saying BUT Second Life DOES look nice! what???!!! look at the fuckin screenshots people, if thats the best they can come up with, or even if that was only average, it looks crap. how can i make it more obvious, the colors are flat, any shadows are fuckin fake, people look like what my little brothers draw, things dont fit together seamlessly... crap.

oh and by games i mean xbox, ps3 or online games or whatever, i dont make a difference in between, because the technical side doesnt get sympathy from me, i just look at it and judge based on that. because thats what were talking about. i am not saying if the games are good or fun to play. i am pretty sure they are, for people spent so much time and money on the things. i am just pointing out they look shit! and i hate when people argue with me over that.

and now, i'll grant some merit to the visual side of games, the upcoming Rage by id looks decent in the trailer here. the people almost move smoothly, yay.

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