August 29, 2007

i got almost everything on my shopping list, my new visa from the bank and a birthday card for a friend and so on... but i ended up buying a lot of other things too. as usual. i didnt have any food at home so when i finally got to downtoen, i was hungry and had to spend 6,90e on sushi (delicious, light). but spending that much pissed me off.

i was on a mission to get pale pink nailpolish too, i used to go for really dark colors but now im all about pink and other easy-on-the eyes tones. i ended up with 3 which again made me feel guilty even if they were really cheap. with nail extensions, the quality of nail polish isnt as important, itll stay on the plastic-like surface forever, no worry about chipping, and it seems to dry faster too. and of course the raw materials, whether they have vitams and iron and shit thats good for the nails, that doesnt matter, u dont have to pay for that. anyway, my nails are kind of fucked now, but getting these motivates me to fix em. it is sad, tho, when you motivate yourself with material things. i am aware of it, and figure that i dont care while "i can".

a few books... i decided to give Stephen another chance, i kind of got fed up with his stuff a few years ago. as a teen i read like every book hes ever written. im not sure if Pilluparvi even means anything, but the direct translation is like cuntcrowd or similar. a somewhat feminist book giving the voice to young women to tell, how they feel about growing up in a society where sex sells everything and womens bodies are über objectified.

and new shoes! suede :)

i got some underwear (panties because i threw some away as planned) and a tshirt but i have been wondering lately if i only buy tshirts, this blog is full of tshirt photos. i should maybe try to buy something else for once. i got a nice tshirt from espoo ciné as well (free, because i bough t so many tickets), but for the same reason kept the photo to myself. yes, i take photos of everything.

tomorrow is one final day off, then work, and then the weekend off again. i did work today though, with the website project. Arttu and i were trying to figure out some mac related problems and discussed web marketing and stuff...

and why mac sucks? lets start with...programs opening more slowly on mac. :)

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