August 30, 2007

i heard this book has come out too (it has my photo 'song of the siren' on the cover) the girl is Lia, austrian. would love to do another shoot with her some day. i havent received a copy of the book for some reason but i wrote the publisher and asked now. i really need just the covers, stuff like that serves as a nice memory.

Jaska was over here today, we went to eat chinese and then discussed our upcoming trip to Asia, most likely Vietnam. he asked me if id read the Satanic Bible. i havent. i simply havent been interested. and i still aint really, but i guess i could educate myself a bit. ill check it out.

my alone-week is going by so fast, its already thursday. thankfully i have the weekend off. i did do a bit of website-work today as well.... and the book Bullshit and Philosophy arrived today, by FedEx! since when did Amazon partners send books by FedEx? i now have a huge pile of books to read, i have started on some of them. some of my eBay underwear arrived in mail as well, and i sent picture-messages to F from my cell. i am trying to be effective now, i am well on the way filling the wardrobe. the huge pile of clothes on my 2 chairs reveals surprises. very old stuff underneath... i am trying to go through everything and wash the dirty ones. i found a shirt in the pile, trying to figure its 'status', i remembered the last time i used it, which was last year. when me and F made first contact. we were co-workers, but beyond that i mean. anyway, i was quickly brought back to the fact that i have technically dirty clothes hanging around for such long periods of time... i havent missed it i guess, but it should be clean when i do. a shirt probably doesnt get dirty from one use, but after being in that fuckin i think it is. but i think it was tight the last time i used it, so it might not even fit me anymore. what am i supposed to do? store it somewhere at the back of my closet?

i am sneezy, very clearly allergy-type sneezing. i wonder what i did this time, i think its been like any other day. *allergy meds*

oh and i impulsively ordered business cards last weekend... they arrived today. i guess im changing my tactics with the photography-issue. i try to set up the circumstances and "framework" for the photography, hoping that would eventually make me actually do photography as well. yea, i am skeptical of this approach but i am doing anything and everything i can... if it works its worth it and if not, oh well, at least i tried? if i fail i then have 250 (!! it was the minimum) unused business cards in a box. i did give one to Jaska right away because its just nice looking in my opinion. i used to have a small quantity of business cards earlier, simple home printed without a picture. im not actively oriented in getting freelance jobs, i use the cards to give to potential models or something. if i see someone i would like to shoot. if the picture on the card freaks a person out too bad then they are clearly not my type of model anyway... :)


for very cheap (and okay quality) business cards, i recommend VistaPrint.

what else....yea i also asked Tony to return me the monitor calibration spyder he was borrowing. my monitor hasnt been calibrated in ages. i got it yesterday. and ive arranged my photo-related papers neatly in my new shelf thing. ive arranged receipts and stuff for taxation. lots of little things... id also like a new Wacom pen tablet (bigger) but i think i shouldnt invest into that unless i really do get back to shooting, the good ones are bloody expensive :(

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