August 28, 2007

i searched for this black velvet skirt yesterday and was quite frustrated for not finding it. today, trying to figure out the wardrobe thing, i found it there! i didnt see this coming, the look on my face mustve been interesting.

the fetish calendar thing is settled, contracts signed and payment received. last night i had to make up a short bio to go with it, and i hate writing those, as ironic as it is... i mean who doesnt love talking about themselves? but when you need to write something 'official', its very hard for me :( i look forward to having the actual thing in my hands. i dont know which month my photos will be...

ive continued my underwear shopping frenzy in eBay. due to the new wardrobe and clothes storing arrangements, i now have 3 big drawers dedicated for panties, bras and stockings. the bra-drawer is only half-full which means i am allowed to fill it. which brings me to thinking, if i throw away some panties i get to buy new ones i suppose.

9pm and im tired again. better go to sleep then, its kind of dull but why not? i have my chiropractor time tomorrow, and im meeting a friend downtown. plus i should buy loads of things, another notice board pen and such. small but veeeery important things!

a lot of co-workers are leaving, for different reasons. Ella is going to Scotland to study. Murre got another job, to fit his education better. Eve moved to the store (so she still exists). and someone is moving to Japan and someone else... the list is long. and the company is recruiting new people of course, to fill the old spots and creating some new ones. i think the department has more less doubled during the time ive been there. yea, more than doubled in fact. but i will miss many of these guys. i feel somewhat unmotivated at work too now, and everyone leaving isnt helping.

we are good consumers are we not?

searching for batteries i found these in the closet. are they still okay??

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