August 10, 2007

new movies coming up.

into the wild, based on a book ive read. Sean Penn movies tend to be very touching and life-like. so i hope he does justice to the book, i liked it a lot and i certainly i hope it ends the same way.
the heartbreak kid. from the 'theres something about Mary' people... sounds promising. Ben Stiller can be annoying but ive gotten used to him.
10 000BC. sabre tigers, spears and exotic looking chicks with colored contact lenses... hell, this just might work for me. probably kind of a 300 copy though.
Get Smart. my childhood fav agent, Maxwell Smart, is finally on the big screen. i dont think i can look at this movie objectively.
Vantage Point is nice and busy, altho the topic, of american secret service and president being shot makes me a little worried... Forest Whitaker is always great though.
i know who killed me. Lindsay Lohan, oh noes... but the plot seems interesting. im afraid theyll ruin whatever potential the story has but i am very curious to check this out.
Lars and the real girl. i find it appropriate that this guy has a swedish name. and yes i want to see the film, too.

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