August 10, 2007

party day. the gettogether thing that our employee arranged for us about couple months ago wasnt exactly a success, so we decided to just set up one by ourselves, to make up for it. surely its at our own cost but who wouldnt want to spend time in good company? my bf is not part of the team, since he works in another department but he was invited too. :)

i still need to vacuum.

i found this old photo on my computer. from Death Valley, California. fucken hot and the sand got in my ears and eyes and hair and everywhere... but if there are sand dunes u just have to go right in there, right?! i am organizing my photo-folders according to cameras. under cameras i organize based on events or topics. well, this is nothing new but somehow i always get things mixed up and stuff is in the wrong place. it requires maintenance.

downloaded a Tetris for my phone :) yay.

*listening to Einst├╝rzende Neubauten: Sabrina* i found its original video on youtube. i saw this on MTV back in 2000 or so and fell in love with it. unfortunately the rest of the album didnt do it for me.

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