September 11, 2007

Iron Man. the soundtrack (from halfway though), CHRIST! :D :D this is a good way.

Love & Anarchy movie festival is right behind the corner. and finally there is the option to reserve tickets from the internet. you cannot pay them there, and theres 2 different reservation channels depending on where the movie is shown... but nevertheless thats a huge improvement. about fuckin time. they opened this morning and i admit i didnt want to wake up for that so now i have to see what is left. i got F and me tickets for Takeshi Miike's Like a Dragon, for now. i sent him a link to L&A site last night and told him to pick movies he wants to see, but since i got no response i decided he'll go where i go :) no, seriously i just thought he might appreciate this one.

hmm, i think he'll have to appreciate this one too (Araki: Smiley Face).*reserves tickets*

i didnt even get mail today, no bills, no nothing.

i have an appointment in a bank at 4pm... a co-workers bf works in a bank and i set up a meeting to discuss and make some financial investments. that sounds fancy, when its really not *shrugs*

the person who was sending me fucked up messages last friday, apologized the day after "wrong number". yea, okay.

Jaska just brought me the Satanic Bible, he picked them up from the book store. so let's see.... review will follow later.

today is a sushi-day. yay!

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