September 12, 2007

we watched Rob Zombie's Halloween. i have to say ive liked his earlier films better. being true to the classics is nice but this piece was just full of cliches that have gotten old. the girl(s) that never fuckin stop screaming, that try to "wake up" their dead fuckin friend, that kick the bad guy into the knee and then try escape, while the bad guy stumbles and then comes after them... et fuckin cetera. not all bad, but halfway through the movie kinda had to build itself again, create characters and stuff, and that was a boring bit and after that it was simply a bad slasher flick. that guy Michael Meyers was just so fucked. a beating wouldve done him good...i know that sounds negative but for fucks sakes, he was really fucked. and Jason and Freddy, i would like to have a chat with them...just to ask WHAT THE FUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM??! serious, these people are not so out of their minds that they wouldnt understand when you talk to them. so im just wanting to know what-the-fuck. like, look at yourself, your behaving like an idiot.

MAC is in finland. about time. we were going to Stockmann deli and passed by the desk... not surprisingly, i sent F grocery shopping on his own and stayed by the cosmetics and did some shopping of my own... lip gloss, nail polish, eye shadow...etc.

F's ex-ex-ex had visited and left books by his door. books that she took with her when they broke up but were his. then there was some txt messaging... which i was happy for, staying in touch with ex's is good. something that i think he needs to improve in. so, thats improvement right there :)

i also got very happy news tonight. its been like half a year or more since i volunteered to give a foster home for abandoned kitties. and while it is sad that there are kitties in need of one, i am happy to offer it. a mom-kitty and a baby-kitty were found. ill keep them until they find a new home. i better go get a bagful of allergy meds ready for myself... i am nervous too, its almost like getting a baby, but i much rather have this than a real one. its a family, even if a temporary one. im just wondering how the fuck could anyway treat animals like that?? what a fuckin sub-human idiot do they have to be?? probably someone right-wing. or something else, but really fucked up. they deserve a good fuckin beating. if you cant keep the animal, there a fuckin ways to handle the situation without just throwing them out. fuckin idiots. i dont really have understanding for that behavior.

other than my pre 30's crisis, or whatever, i feel very happy.

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