September 03, 2007

work was crap again. surprise. too busy and i only slept like 2 hours last night. F's plane was here late last night and before we got to bed it was like 4am. but it was nice to have him there(at work) again, its surprising how i got used to being 'alone' in a week.

the week is going to be busy, the website project is reaching another milestole and its critical. i think i have to work there 3 days worth or so... but well, all jobs have their advantages and disadvantages. this one needs a bit of flexibility. bout time i learn about this flexibility thing.

F brought me these from Portugal. i have 2 pairs of slippers at home already so i left these at his place. he asked me if they were over the top enough for me. yes they are, only sparkly things are missing.

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