October 05, 2007

i am glad i did some work today. went to a meeting with a new ad agency that should start working for the website project. the main guy there was cool, he gave his CV which said he was born in 1963. i was like wow, cos he looked so much younger. i almost made a comment on it, but then i remembered a note id made myself "do NOT comment on peoples age/skin". i have understood its a touchy subject but only made this note to self a while ago when i made a comment on the skin vs age of F's friend, whom i later found out was very insulted :( then again he had been insulted by a lot of things id said, of which only that one made any sense. i apologized over the skin comment via email, and made clear that it, or none of the things ive ever said have been intended as insults (because i simply wouldnt fuckin do that, what kind of an idiot insults the friends of their gf/bf??!) anyway i didnt get a response. but okay so i finally learned to not comment on these things...

after the ad agency i held a brief meeting with Arttu discussing my personal stuff, and we set next wednesday for installing by computer over again. it stresses me a lot but it has to be done.

i just might go to bed now. if i cant sleep i could watch more reality tv. i am still escaping reality.

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