October 04, 2007

jesus THIS can get annoying. it tests whether you use the right or left side of your brain. and immediately i notice, the dancer shifts directions. but i had to admit, it was in my head. i found a pattern to it. if she's rotating right (clockwise), all i have to do is start reading the text next to her, or anything for that matter. or even think of work stuff. and within 5 to 15 seconds she starts rotating anti-clockwise. once i get her rotating anti-clockwise... and started pondering over why the fuck this could happen, and started staring...and getting annoyed... she turned clockwise again. F came over and for him, she keeps rotating clockwise. for me she did too, until i started reading (and thinking9 through the left and right brain functions again... then, she was going anti-clockwise. i stared at her again, and consciously started thinking of F to get my emotions (right brain side) to take over and voilá! the bitch started turning right, right in front of my eyes! again. so, what i gather is that its easy for me to shift sides with brain...perhaps i use them both just as much, whereas most are heavy on the other side? whatever, now that i learned i can change the direction within seconds, by either "feeling" or "thinking"...its pretty cool.

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