October 04, 2007

the kitties...both of them have homes to go to now, when they are old enough to be separated. 2 families have visited me in order to see the Little/Big Kitty, and naturally these beauties stole their heart. so their future is now safe. what the organization handling this whole kitty-fostering-home-thing does to fund all this (the food and vaccinations etc.), is they sew bags and stuff and sell them. quite a lot of work, just to give a life to these kitties. its all volunteer work. i cant sew anything nor do i want to. but i just may have an opportunity to help them out in some way... (besides giving my home, time and love to these 2). the idea of a calendar was thrown in... now thats where i get interested. i have been taking snapshots of the kitties, but i might as well turn up the resolution and try a little harder. if a calendar is made, i can contribute with photos and hopefully it sells :)

anyway heres the Little Kitty, not posing really. shes a terrible poser and doesnt do anything i say, but shes still cute!

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