October 11, 2007

its only 5pm and im tired...but in a euphoric kinda way. i met with the department supervisor today and gave notice of my resignation. we had a long talk, she wanted to get feedback on stuff, ive been here for over 2,5 yrs and things have changed a lot... well so i vented (in a nice but honest manner). i said im resigning on december 7th. it surprised her, people have a tendency to use the minimum 2 weeks when giving notice... well i know that and i find it weird. if i know i will be leaving at a certain time, why would i not tell them?? its not like im going to be dissed over it or anything. she was happy that i am going forward and found something i like better, and i know that my immediate supervisor is really happy for me too. in fact, everyone i know here is :) she did ask if there was anything to keep me here but i think she knew the answer as well as i... my reasons for leaving make total fuckin sense. if this company had part-time jobs that were interesting and suitable for me, i wouldve applied to one of those, but they dont, end of story. this was a nice job, and still has its advantages. most of the newly recruited look like theyve found a goldmine :D but for me that was before, i wanted a brainded-easy job. now, i need something else. theres a time for everything. but jesus fuck i got good at this. im like the fastest person on earth to solve a customers internet/computer problem.

so what else? thats about it. im relieved i finally got that done and over with. technically my im still working almost 2 months...but i have 3 weeks vacation in november and will only work a few days in december. so, its really just a few weeks... i will miss a lot of things. seeing F during the workday is one of them. but working in separate companies should have its (obvious) advantages.

i didnt sleep much last night because, unsurprisingly, i got stuck watching reality tv (Biggest Loser Australia). but things could be worse, i did sleep 2,5h AND the kitties were quiet that time (clearly, there is a direct cause and effect relation right there). anyway tonight i get to continue because tomorrow is no work! yay! my computer is like...90% set up. some 15 to 20 more programs waiting to be installed. so ill continue on that too.

saturday were doing sushi with a co-worker and his gf. its ridiculous but i like how its something so normal and common...what people do. couples get together, have dinner or go out or do something... and these are nice people. i am feeling good about saturday already. tomorrow and sunday are luckily days off. i am feeling lighter for a change.

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