October 10, 2007

today was the big day... after a lot of preparations i put the boot CD in and started installing windows all over. XP, its stable. and no thats not a joke with PC, mine anyway, i bet my PC crashes more rarely than the average Mac. because i know Mac's do that too. and apparently a lot of stuff doesnt run in Vista yet, nor ever will, starting from my scanner drivers...

anyway, this is the fresh desktop. id copied the old desktop safe so this didnt look empty long. i also avoided a lot of the trouble with the browsers and other programs as i saved the application data too... hehe. so in a snap all my customized programs were just like before.

Arttu was my tech and mental support for the critical first 4 or so hours... while i was doing my pc, he did some work on his Mac...

that is, changed the hardrive. the hd's in laptops are ridiculously small, who can live with that?? unless your stuff is stored on a server but how many people do that, yea. i actually made some hd-decisions too as i have ran out of space4 again. 'my documents' have a 300GB hardrive...which is 10GB short of full. my videos/movies hd is 130GB, and its actually totally full. i have separate hd's for C (windows) and X (temp files). anyway, so i was kind of stressing out on the space thing, but a while ago i got a LaCie 320GB portable hard drive from work for backing up work stuff from the lap top. aaand my work stuff only takes up max...1GB, if i stretch my imagination. so i used the LaCie for temp storage today and figured i could leave it there and use it as another video hd or something. i am generally negative about portable hardrives, since i personally dont really need them usually, why would i not put all the hd's INSIDE the computer? but, this is temporary, as once i saw this...designed by F.A.Porsche...its a beautiful thing. it only makes my computer look prettier by sitting on top of it. id have it on my make up table if it was any use there...

but what i found out today was shocking. the Little Kitty is a Mac user, clearly. i wouldve never guessed this... i give her my home and food and take care of her like she was my own child and this is what happens. its not just something i expected, i am devastated. proof:

this would explain a lot of things...like why shes always trying to get to my PC keyboard to fuck up the PC. evil kitty. i managed to get a shot that i think reveals a bit of that evilness in her.

finally i also made a considerably big change to the security side of my computer, the software. my antivirus/firewall has beenF-secure, i got it free through work. i used it because it is considered reliable and it was in finnish. and pretty logical in use. however, it is a memory hogger and fairly annoying at times, the firewall is perhaps overprotective... anyway, since im quitting in december, i figured now is the time to change this thing. Arttu and i did some research and Avast seems to be widely recommended. so is AVG for example, but well, i decided to give Avast a chance. so far ive been happy. also i have Ad-Aware, as before. so im theoretically missing a firewall but only very theoretically. i have a physical firewall and XP's firewall at the moment. i might give a free firewall program a try too, but im not sure. i realize that im a little paranoid when it comes to protecting my baby.

tomorrow im finally going to Lahti, which i was supposed to do on tuesday. but i fell a bit ill that morning. i have to get back early to make it to my old job...late shift, long day. but i think itll be fine. i am feeling a bit more energetic this week, and knowing im getting away from there, the old job is now bearable :)

F's banana cake made according to Susanna's recipe was GREAT. as expected. i fuckin love it... soft and mushy and moist and just so damn good. and despite my promises heres an annoying photo of it.

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