October 29, 2007

ive never bought the same moisturizer twice. i just never use the whole thing. and if i did...*shrugs* however, history has been made. i got another jar of Clinique's Moisture Surge Extra. and, it just saved my skin, again! my skin was really super dry earlier this year and i tackled it with this specific product. now, i was in the same situation, and forgot my old jar at F's and obnoxiously figured i could do without. i used a pharmacy cream and YSL's and Lancome's products but none would totally fix the cracked-dry skin. it was just a few spots on my face but nevertheless affected the quality of my life. so, as the old jar was almost empty anyway i got another one from eBay. and in a few days the results are visible. [i sound like a cosmetics advertiziment...*hmm*]. the flaky spots are gone and my skin is soft as it should be. this moisturizer is just...fuckin amazing. a very light texture, no oil at all, its like gel, you wouldnt think it works better than the thicker shit. i decided it deserves a photo of its own.

i used to be a Clinique representative but i cannot remember if this product existed back then. it mightve. the funny thing is, worlds most sold moisturizer (out of the selective cosmetics) is Cliniques Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion. its a classic. but i dont personally like that one, i dont see anything dranatically different about it except for the yellow color and no fragrance (=smells bad).

okay well i havent been shopping for a couple of weeks and today i gave myself the opportunity and went a bit nuts of course. seems like i cannot walk past the MAC stand at Stockmann without getting something. today, somethng was lipstick and a blush. my problem is that for a few years now, ive only been using really pale lipglosses because anything darker will make me look like a goth. even if i didnt put a lot of eye make up, i just have this born-goth look *shrugs* its really annoying, its like you were a painter and were allowed to use only pastels, how limiting is that? i dont like the goth look but havent really found ways around it, when it comes to dark shades of lipstick. i got a medium-dark frosty rose-plum today. and the blush is pink/rose with pearl/frost as well. i think pearly and glittery and glossy things are good for me, they tone down the gothicness too.

i gave myself the permission to buy a perfume too, but ended up getting 2 (Sensi by Armani and Euphoria Blossom by CK). its been several months before i last got one, but most importantly, after like 10yrs of trying, i have finally taught myself to use them more often. it was really annoying before, i dont know what was difficult about it, but i simply didnt remember to use perfumes, more than say 2-3 times a week. i always allowed myself to buy new ones by making the promise to use them more often. during the past year i have finally managed to include it in my morning rituals. i start with how do i feel and what is the occasion (if any). based on that i pick clothes and make up, they should compliment each other. now, i finally remember to also choose a perfume to compliment the whole :) using a perfume 5-7 times a week is optimal i think... it then allows me to justify buying more of them. altho right now i have such a fuckin pile it would be great if i just got rid of some first. the shelves where theyre at are too full and it doesnt look pretty anymore. anyway, whats interesting is that both Sensi and Euphoria had tickled my nerves for quite some time now, maybe 2 years. Sensi always got into the "finals" but lost, maybe it was too soft and plain compared to its rivals. but now i finally felt it was time to get something really subtle and soft. Euphoria then is by CK which i dis :( and altho i liked it, it wasnt that fuckin amazing, until now, the "Blossom" version of it. i couldnt resist anymore.

i also got myself 2 sets of earrings, big round, thin just plain rings... in black and silver. those things that were trendy in the beginning of 90s i think. and end of 80s. and in 2007 is when i finally felt it is time to try them out...

hmm, i swear i didnt close this tab but it disappeared while i was away for a while. the other open tabs are still there. thankfully blogger has autosave so i didnt loose anything. i think the kitties mightve done a check on what im up to and concluded that "mom writes shit"... -> close tab. they are just smart enough to do that.

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