November 22, 2007

back ache is persistent but right now bearable. im considering a pretty ambitious task; shower. i like to sit on the floor there, curled up. but i might have to try standing this time. last night i had no chance of getting sleep and around 2am i made myself an alcoholic cocktail -> lights out. finally. slept past 1pm today. tried to get up, but 15minutes of sitting by the computer changed my mind and i crawled back to bed, just laying still for the pain to slowly draw back. but its so boring there. i decided i feel better again and now im here. im eager to do some work stuff that has been waiting for me since yesterday, and ive piled some more stuff on the waiting list... if the shower goes well maybe i could hang in here for a sec and work on those.

pharmacy finally sent me a txt msg saying my meds are ready for pick up. 'bout time, i left my prescription there last wednesday and twice they have told me they'd be there the next day. it took em 8 days. and right now i cant move myself to get out of the door. maybe tomorrow... on tuesday i took my handbag for repair and they said it would take until next week and theyd txt me when its done. fine. i got a msg yesterday, a day after. is that good service or what, exceeding customers expectations?

i got a longish email from someone (a bit brainstormish text, i havent been able to go through all of it yet but its about my photos as usual)... they started with "Dear jenni how the fuck are ya? ..." and included a couple photos, of their dogs butt with sunglasses on it, then something i cant recognize, and their face which is covered in tattoo (minus eye-area and under nose). hard to see the features of the face when its all 'painted'. colorful persona, clearly! :D lowsy pun. nevermind, ill try read it after shower but the tattoos are impressive. i bet i could recognize this guy on the street. and again i wake up to the though of how cool it is to get nice and random emails from strangers, how lucky am i? :)

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