November 06, 2007

hehe. i had a very weird time calling an internet operators customer service :D (the competitor of my current employer). since im quitting the job and should start paying for my internet i am now considering switching the operator. my current is working pretty well, but i could get a better speed/price deal from elsewhere... so im thinking about it. i say u shouldnt mess with something that works, but its tempting... i am also considering a back up connection. regardless of whether i keep this or not. unlike most people realize, any connection can break at any time, a cable could be cut off because of a mistake at a construction nearby...or the fuse might go off somewhere... a lot of things could happen that are not even up to the service provider and totally unpredictably. this is what ive learned during my time there... anyway, for me loosing the connection even for a few hours is miserable, so for my own peace of mind, maybe i should have a cheap back up. the other connection could be cable and the other ADSL, or either of those the main connection and then a mobile connection that i could carry around with me too *shrugs* a lot of options!

less than 24 hours until kitty pick-up!

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