November 07, 2007

the kitty left tonight, rather anticlimactic. i hurried home, got to sit down for 10mins, trying to fill her need for tenderness and attention, and then the lady came, i pretty much picked the kitty up and gave to her. after that i looked at my living-room and it looked empty. sorry to say but i didnt feel empty. what i am enjoying now
-putting things on the edge of the table without worrying them to be dropped
-throwing garments all over without worrying about them being ripped
-going to the kitchen without having a following meowing for their life
-coming home without having to smell cat food/pee
-not having to give a shit about anything

and pretty soon im hopefully able to enjoy easy breathing and a clean nose as well. if all is well, kitty is getting along with her boyfriend somewhere in her new home and feels loved as she deserves. i love her too, and was lucky to enjoy her company for a while.

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