November 14, 2007

not one of my favorite days. no reason. just ain't.

watched House and it felt average. i was in a meeting in the morning after which i had a huge argument with Arttu regarding work stuff but now im not sure anymore how i should think about it. we'll figure it out, its not that, im just not sure...about things.

got an offer related to my blog/ging, from a finnish website-thing. err. i dont think this is very reader friendly content.

i have found people from Amsterdam to meet up with, so thats good. actually a few too many people almost, i have to make sure we get to be alone too. shoes and weed here i come. no guarantee of finding nice shoes though, i know, but im hopeful.

on friday F's parents are in town, we did meet them last weekend but now were going for dinner. and on saturday were going to see his twin brothers family again. next week i plan to visit my mom. lots of family stuff. i should visit my grandmom soon too. this year in any case.

ill just go to bed.

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