November 21, 2007

the post office surprised me, i had almost forgotten these shirts that i ordered a week ago. the pink clump is a t-shirt saying 'plastic', i like how one has to really concentrate to be able to read it, the text is almost the same color as shirt, but shiny as plastic should be. the black clump is a nice distressed hoodie with "NO." in front. could be even smaller font i suppose... the closer you have to look to read it, the more personal it feels... the hoodie is surprisingly nice, very soft on the inside and kind of fitted, pretty warm.

i was supposed to go to mom's tomorrow but i think i better skip because of the flu. it wouldnt kill me but... ill go after amsterdam. going out to grocery store and post office got me kind of sweaty and my cheeks glowing red.

muscles are aching, especially back. i think ill have to just go to bed. so much for the quark dessert :( and tonight is Nuria's gig too, which i was supposed to go to. no chance. id planned on getting a cider or 2 there. grr.

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