November 21, 2007

well the extensive coughing did turn into a flu. i cant see how allergy couldve produced this, hence it is just the average flu. ive been sleeping it away and skipped work. need to go buy more kleenex to sneeze. luckily i seem to be immune to fever so im not completely fucked. what is annoying is coughing so hard its like im just about to throw up. havent puked yet though.

F made some spicy risotto type food yesterday which is enough for my lunch and dinner today but i intend to make my bravura quark when he comes over after work. hahaa. now i just need enough caffein to get on my feet and go outside. i need to pick up something from the post office too. i feel hot (but no, i dont think its fever, its just feverish) so maybe some flu meds would be in place? lets see what my personal pharmacy has... in fact i could visit the pharmacy if i manage to get my ass out of the door.

i received more reports regarding this movie cover and somehow gathered the energy to write them (distributor) "wtf" in a polite manner. to my surprise, someone politely replied and explained their mistake (theres always an excuse, people who work with images and publishing for living should know better) and asked how we could proceed to fix the situation. well i liked the approach of trying to make wrong things right and feel already better. im sure we can come to a solution :)

what if i really had vampire teeth like that? :p

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doesnt apply to everyone but nevertheless!

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