December 08, 2007

okay so whats going on. nothing much, thanks for asking jen. today is the party Otto and me and holding. hes mostly been responsible for inviting people as hes the experienced party host with a large social circle. i only invited a few people. but very very nice people :)

oh and altho wednesday was my last day at the internet operator, yesterday was officially THE day. and today i am in every way free from the place. its weird to think ill never go back there. F must be satisfied in some way because i was constantly after him, if there was a problem or a bug anywhere hed be the first one to hear about it. and good lord if there was the slightest chance of him making an error :( am i happy for him getting rid of me? i guess in some way yes, it mustve been hard.

ah party-time! the theme is Otto + his friends vs jenni's opinions. go me!

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