December 23, 2007

okay. well that was an alright trip. im putting photos of it in a flickr folder here.

i love being home though, even if its smaller than the suite. and no one is cleaning for me. i get to be alone and do what i want and my bed is super comfy and the water comes with a pressure and its temperature doesnt alter from what i set it to.

my mom would've wanted me to go over for christmas, of course. i couldve, if i i could come home for the night, but the buses doesnt really run in the evening of 24th nor on the 25th... so ill go on the 26th. mom was a bit upset to hear this, but what can u do. i want her to be happy but i am not responsible for her happiness.

F is probably going to his parents for the christmas. and i am staying home. not a bad idea at all. i think i need some time on my own after the trip... i actually have a few work things to do so tomorrow would be great for that (tonight i have other plans...).

on the way back we found a new family member from the airport shop. this little bunnage looked like it was ours. she is very small, obviously, and we named her Buena. (bueno as in good and a because its a girl). i think F's mom was a bit confused or disappointed at our choice of family extension or my affection to what others see as a...well u know. my maternal instincts are not quite at the stage of that of other daughters-in-law.

oh a gift was waiting for me when i arrived. Marianne had found Playboy coasters in red/pink and felt they were 'me'... :) nice of her. i also have a couple notices from the post office...have to go pick up stuff. i think its mostly stuff i ordered from amazon/eBay myself though. no more gifts for me.

some photos anyway.

by the pool obviously. 28C.


there goes champagne. or sparkling wine. whatever, im not a specialist.

sun setting. boring but so beautiful.

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