January 18, 2008


Audition is a great movie btw. have they already americanized it? if not, im sure they will soon, its that good, they have to fuckin steal and mutilate it.

my weekend.

my record bruise. how could a cute heart shape turn into that?? the colors are finally toning down to greyish blue etc but at the same time its still huge.

im now hooked to American Idol. didnt see this day coming... anyhow, i just like watching the auditions. im not interested in semifinals and all that. i could be Simon Cowell i swear, his honesty is heartwarming.

tomorrow is a biiiig day. Arttu should help me to build and set up my new computer. scary. its been a looong time since i last did that. i try to make a computers life span up to 4 yrs, by occasionally adding memory and whatnot. however, there comnes a time when you have to let go. im not good at that. but i have to. a new computer is like a new baby, no idea how the fuck its gonna turn out, but you hope for the best... and the horrifying thing is, your muchly responsible for the results yourself...:S this kind of responsibility... i wonder if ill ever learn to take it the right way. tonighti should really put effort into making back ups, its been too long since i did them anyway.

5 horrifying bugs. the bullet ant sounds pretty interesting. after that initiation rite those boys ARE men...fuck.

one of my fav music/videos ever, Drew Cope´s Drum Machine.

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