January 21, 2008

computer called SUPERPUPU

new computer. a fresh start. empty desktop (i will copy it though). only a few programs listed. very... quiet and spacy. if i want music now...i better install winamp? and find the 'milk' skin for it. here. ive been using it for yrs now. then searching for a driver for the mouse (to be able to set scrolling speed etc.). and then... its a neverending project, or so it seems. i might as well just go to bed and continue tomorrow after work.

i am super grateful for Arttu for putting together my new babe. it was a days work after all! but hey, i cooked today (had to pay back in some way). its been so long since i cooked that it took me a while to figure out what to make. i made some chicken pasta. F came over too to witness this miracle and he claims that the food was edible... in which case, i suppose i could try to repeat this sometime in the future.

i barely slept last night, need to take back tonight

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superkev said...

congratulations on the birth of superpupu. i like the inclusion of "super" in the name :D