January 04, 2008

confessions of a girl who doesnt cook (especially potatoes)

i cant believe i just bought myself another perfume online. the Christina Aguilera one, after her name. well, she doesnt hold a meaning of any kind to me, so lets just not let it affect the scent, which is beautiful. anyhow...fuckin shopaholic.

my back hurts. everyday actually. like, a lot. only gets worse. i stretch every now and then when i cant bare any more. i guess im just used to it. why dont i act on this and get help from my chiropractor? i am busy doing something else? busy doing nothing. busy buying perfumes...err. certainly not busy cooking the potatoes that are still in my fridge. for how long can i keep them there? should F cook them this weekend, before they turn bad...?

ex co-worker (not from my department) asked F whereabouts am i working now. as he told her, she recognized the product/company (which is still small and new, after all) and commented that now she can lay her trust on it knowing that im there. hehe. i dont know her much, so that was a nice comment i suppose.

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