January 13, 2008

darkness and light

i have failed to use the dishwasher again. the only clean glasses seem to be the wine glasses i bought a few days ago. the pineapple soda i drink tastes great regardless of glass so no worries.

i should get rid of some of my old clothes. either that or i need a new apartment to fit them in :( its just so hard to give anything away, one of my weaknesses.

im listening to leonard cohen in darkness. december was really dark, officially. 20 hours of light during the 31 days.

i need to work tomorrow. fine. but i think i should head to bed in that case. facial scrub might be in place first however.

my eyebrows and liners look great today. well she said it takes about a week to heal. now that the scab came off the brows look just natural, pale black sort of. my eyebrows are brownish black i guess, black fits perfect and i dont need to dye them. liners are nice too, thin and soft. an after photo is a must, but then again i am going back in a month for touch ups... so should i wait until then.

i really hope i can get something done tomorrow.

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