January 16, 2008

delusions of many kind

my mp3 player arrived. yay. its quite neat. just drag and drop music. whilst doing that, i got into listening some old favorites... gn'r spaghetti incident tributes...emilie simon...mana mana...magnet...michael jackson's thriller....nirvana's in utero and nevermind of course...paradise lost's draconian times...sia...the smiths...sophie zelmani... etc

Arttu borrowed me Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion. but, why do i need to read a book about why the god things is a delusion? i know that very well... hmm. well maybe Rich can give me some new amusing aspects. maybe in all fairness i should also read The Dawkins Delusion? LOL. some christian, maybe several, have to be really upset to write that... Dawkins is a well known and loud atheist. but i am really interested, i often am, in various aspects. i think it might not be obvious of me since i tend to have my own very strong and vocal opinions of issues but ...thats how i am anyway. discussions with someone of the "opposite side" can be great. unless im in a bad mood. i got this book on anarchism too just to see how they see all this.

anyway. i didnt get much done today :( F came over and fell asleep early on. ive just been doing my own stuff. i booked us a table at the restaurant where we first "met", where the co-worker distance was lost. they had a web form for booking, nice!

i took a sleeping pill but my timing was early...im getting this passing out feeling...whatver

i got a doctors appointment in the morning. and then i oughta go to this IT company office to learn this web-based program thing... and then...i need to do other stuff...frrrr i am loosing it

anniversary day coming uip... "ill be back!"-terminator voice

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