January 15, 2008

free the butterflies - petition - sign now

super-busy workday. and i still have stuff to do tonight.

but finally these threadless tshirts arrived;
the girl with her head full of butterflies, some notes and "ways to make you talk"

the neck print where the size and blah blah are, theres the name of the shirt and name of the designer and all... makes it much more special than your average shirt :)

yet another person informed me they are tattooing the "screaming photo" on their calf. well, i have certainly nothing against that, i just keep being confused. i dont think ill tattoo anything of my own on my skin though. im not into big colorful tattoos anyway, for myself, i like little simple things. but the Memento Mori on my arm definitely needs companion. im trying to figure out what... X and Y as unknown factors? well XX is the female chromosome pair though. *shrugs*

i need caffein to not pass out right now.

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