January 06, 2008

head aches. im waiting for the painkiller to kick in.

we went to see some of F's friends tonight. they live in Vantaa. nice easygoing couple :) i think we should invite them over to F's sometime soon.

generally the weekend was confusing, not only do i still sleep about 12 hrs per day, but also mostly during the day. F kept waking me up for breakfast. then i went back to sleep. then dinner. then something else. but i have to say i had a reaaally nice weekend. we didnt do much, but that wasnt the point. i just felt quite happy about us, seemes like the relationship just got a tad deeper again. i felt really close to him. (these phases in new relationship are interesting... its been so long i last experienced the beginning)

so tomorrow is the big day of permanent make up. oh which reminds me i got en email from blog reader - the 2nd in the past few days. interesting. some girl, she said she especially likes my cosmetics-related stuff. would u believe that... i never thought those would serve any purpose to anyone but me. hah. funny.

i have been thinking of doing some serious tagging work. but im not sure how to go about it, really. i write in 2 languages and currently finnish posts dont really get any tags other than "attitude problems in finnish". i might need to change the situation there but how?

okay 2 things are lacking space in this apartment. well, more than 2, but im focusing on these 2 atm. linen and bags. linen as in duvets and so forth... not enough space in the dedicated shelf of the closet. bags...whether handbags or other...they are all over. i need to figure these things out and my life will be easier. not much, as i have bigger problems too (woohoo, yea, unbelievable but i do). however, its sometimes (often) nice to concentrate on smaller problems so the big ones dont overwhelm you,. thats my life-advice. *shrugs*

"this weeks must see videos"

"Thoughts, like fleas, jump from man to man, but they don't bite everybody."
-Stanislaw J. Lec

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