January 05, 2008

no hats

i was going to go help F with the rice, he is cooking it for the sushi. but when he started talking about "respecting the rice" i think i had enough and left.

*sushi done and over with*
we tried 2 new ingredients; vendace roe and red onion. onion...especial with a lot of wasabi, felt like lethal combo, but the roe was nice.

Sokos is selling Lancômes foundation at 38,50e on sale. normal price being 49e. when did foundations become so expensive, have i missed something? or have they been this price for long and ive just forgotten about it? im baffled. i think 50e, or even 38,50, is a bit much. yes, i actually think so. with online stores, my expectations are now different. im not buying any new foundations right now, i just happened to see the ad for that one. and okay, every time i see a cosmetics ad i think my brain automatically evaluates the product and its suitableness for me... but it only takes a second or less. i am currently recommending MAC foundations. for a better coverage, Joe Blasco is always the one, but yes, many find it a bit theatrical or dont like the dry format. theatrical is just an unfortunate misconception though, it looks perfectly natural when applied correctly. there are many abusers out there spoiling the brand. anyhow, besides MAC, for everyday use i recommend Dior's diorlight. its great for normal to dry skin. it doesnt look exceptional at first but it blends very well and is seriously great when the skin is dry. Chanel also has very high quality foundations, ive been using one of those for years (not available anymore - of course :( ). well perhaps its self evident, you expect a lot from those big expensive brands. what about a surprise-foundation, one that has stuck out the most during the years. well, that would be Roc. never bought anything else by them, only this foundation which was (is) very good, blends well, looks good and fresh, works on normal to dry skin both. still, i never used the whole tube.

fuck, i almost bought my first ever hat, on impulse. hot pink and girly. luckily i noticed its made from rabbit and wool. jesus. that was a sign, NEVER buy hats.

i got lost looking at Agent Provocateur's website again... *love*

we watched a flashback on tv. 1995. den glider in (i mål igen). oh dear. it was a fight. i get tears in my eyes just thinking about it. very emotional, the documentary started with the previous years game in which we (as usual) lost a very tight game in penalty shots. jesus. anyway, from there all the way to the party at the square with the team in 1995.

Finland, behold, your day has now come dawning;
Banished is night, its menace gone with light,
Larks’ song again in morning-brightness ringing,
Filling the air to heaven's great height,
And morning's glow, night's darkness overcoming;
Your day is come, o my native land.

O Finland, rise, stand proud, the future facing,
Your valiant deeds recalling, once again;
O Finland rise, in the world's sight erasing
From your fair brows vile slavery's stain.
You were not broken by oppressors ruling;
Your morning's come, o my native land.

lyrics: V.A. Koskenniemi
Translation into English:
J. Mark Sugars / Frank Petersohn

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