January 25, 2008


weekend almost done. im gonna do some work tonight, just an hour or so, and then i have less for tomorrow... im thinking of getting up at around 1?

anyhow i got myself a hand held vacuum cleaner. i figured it might make it more appealing to me to vacuum small areas, if i drop something or whatever... the big vacuum cleaner is always such a blah... taking it out of the closet and all...

watching Top Chef is interesting. food is a daily thing for all of us so cooking is...kind of an everyday thing, but this fancy chef stuff.. woah, that world is so strange to me. but i love watching the show. it doesnt really get me hungry though. the meals are the kind of fancy shmancy type that dont interest me. i know theyre all about the taste... but my sense of taste is not that amazing anyway. i have a sense of taste yea, and my hearing is normal, and my sense of smell... but they are all average or below, i feel like its a trade off, all of my senses are cluttered in sight. and i dont mind the trade off, with some other abilities and gifts that i have, the combo is awesome and makes me really good at something. i rather be good at one thing than average in all things. eating is just to keep me going and for my body to get what it needs. of course i love tastes...but i am happy with very little i guess. vanilla-strawberry yogurt is one of my fav things. and i cant tell if the meat is overcooked, its always great tasting :P btw, 4 hours for cooking breakfast??! err...

and this is my babe. for the record and so i can link it toc to "who is who".

i got the ├╝berkeyboard but had to actually open the package to find out what the finnish layout is like (hard to check otherwise, when there are no symbols on keys?). and, to my disappointment, its the one im not used to. the question is, do i want to learn another keyboard layout by heart (its really just a few, say 5 or 7, keys) or should i return it and get a familiar one. its not really a smart task to try learn with a blank keyboard is it? my current one has the same fucked up layout and i STILL keep making mistakes, after a few weeks!

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