January 14, 2008

miss dracula

a week after. the photo angle is a bit funny. anyhow.

i am going to Transylvania with Dr Doom aka Mark. in may. there is a dracula or vampire conference...or something, cant remember. i am interested in the place of course, athmosphere and all. theres no shopping possibilities there. also Mark asked if i would give a speech about "blood in photography", which i think i can do altho it makes me really nervous. i pretty much know the history and discussions around that subject... and wouldnt mind getting more into it, so why not. the town is apparently really old and bizarre, and the food bad. we will see about that. we should take a train from Vienna, which is great so i get to see my dad too :) and after that we could go to Warsaw with F, he has a friend or friends there, weve been talking about going there some time.

well educated christians- excerpts from religious chat forums

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