February 03, 2008

peaches 2

"these are not photos" well im sorry but i can tell. ive seen enough digital paintings to recognize them in my sleep. there were 2 that fooled me though, the salad and the nude girl with her feet up. many are real easy to spot though.... like the car, Halle Berry and the first kitty. and without knowing theyre not photos beforehand, of course, the softness and "painting" feel are obvious. shadows and highlights are hard to make realistic.

i just found Buck Angel. this type of male-female combo is rather rare and intrigued me a lot. no matter how i keep thinking and staring, the peach between her legs gets me every time. i read he..his blog and he seems like a nice person, lot of charisma. im trying to imagine the porn he does...and just how wicked it must look like... im definitely going to find out, i just have to. i want to know what he sounds like...like gay men or like girls, moaning and stuff? anyway how cool is it that there are all kinds of variations of women and men, humans, around?? :)

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superkev said...

yea i don't see the point of those illustrations that are not photos. like, why would anyone put so much effort into making something look like a photo when they could just get out a camera and create it in a split second 8-)

the best ones are the tomato and the lettuce, but these are the most extreme versions of wtf?! why?! :P