December 13, 2008

friday - minutes

fuckn friday. geez. i was supposed to do stuff. but i woke up at 4pm, went to post office and and breakfast with Arttu. and we discussed goin to Iceland for our 'honeymoon'. somewhere to underline the imperialistic euro anyway, hehe.

i got home and was supposed to do something finally but first i spent like 3 hours on the phone with Karri, which was like old times..., and then miss R sent me a message and asked me to go downtown, where her and VV and some others were drinking. i decided to join them. which i did. and caught up with them pretty quick, sparkling wine etc. at some point we were supposed to join the blogger-chrismas party but it was really late late so miss R and me just went to K's place around 3am, whom i just met the other day. we listened to some music and what not and eventually left at 5am or so.

i should be somewhere at 12:30... Otto and i agreed to make sushi on saturday. its just over 6 hours away...ill be sober by then. and so will he, im sure hes not any better when it comes to this stuff.

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