December 14, 2008

sushi and bitching

made sushi. and i was impressed with Otto's relaxed attitude towards sushi making. im saying it was totally fucked...everything about it. but i guess i proved my point, it still tastes good even if u dont follow the rules.

had a horrordate.

that was all of my saturday. after the horrodate i did go to VV's and his bf's and we had drinks and whatnot. but, serious, that was like all of my saturday.

why roll anything, just take chunk. add wasabi and fish etc and shove it in your mouth. straight from the bowl...

nigiri...requires chunks of fish i have understood. theres ur chunks. the fish was just TOO fresh because serious it smelled fuckin bad.

antipast....(sun dried herry tomatoes, prosciutto etc @horrordate

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