December 11, 2008

the weekend has already begun, no??

from last night when i was out with K - no nothing on the dancefloor! (but i would change that)

my first night with the Bronx boots.

i just got up and im digesting Kubb: Chemical. good mood. good day. altho i need to 'work', regarding the photo project i took on, then clean up a bit (still havent had a slave visit, im doing more screening now to find a good one) and go meet Maria, grocery shopping and cooking at my place.

i got 3 separate letters from the social insurance institution or whatever, fill this form, fill that form, deliver that and this... a lot of work to get my unemployment allowance! not complaining, just pointing out. one of the issues i alreayde sorted out, i had an additional mailing address in my population register center database. from a few years ago, when i was in canada. this seemed to be a problem, so i called the register and had it removed. one of the letters requires my (ex)employer to fill out, whaaat? im sure theyre seious bout it but i need to call and discuss it anyway.

which i did and got things solved. i dont need to harass my ex-employer, i just need to copy my employment contract, the letter of reference and my last paycheck and deliver them... if they dont find the information on those sufficient though, then i need to go the hard route... whew.

my results from the 'big five' personality test vs other bloggers who did the test HERE

now, i need a shower to properly begin thursdaising.

music recommendation of the day; Empire of the Sun

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