January 07, 2009

8 hours at work. and all over again tomorrow!!

first day at new job. waking up wasnt such horror, as id carefully planned everything and went to bed early enough. still, in the afternoon my brain was crashing like a ... nevermind

the corporate culture hit me in the face, but i guess i get used to it more less. people in suits, all friendly but i think they keep a distance. or am i imagining? i am worried ill feel left out. but it wouldnt be the first time in my life. i just have to do what i have to do, which is my job. thats all.

i spent a big chunk of the day figuring out the new laptop, installing things on it...trying to make the bluetooth mouse to work... lots of things. and no clue what to do. until friday my colleagues are on the other side of the room, and im alone in my cubicle between strangers. well, i talked to one guy. he works in consumer-related things. my boss was busy all day so i really was quite clueless. who to ask? what to ask to begin with? am i suppose to figure THIS out? i was told the job requires ability to do things independently, to make decisions and seek help if needed. so i guess ill just do that then.

"Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge."
— Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia

uh, well lets not go overboard here, sum of ALL human knowledge?! *rolls eyes* ...

i am now addicted to Boston Legal :o it looks early 90s i think.... but its from 2004-> ... james spader's character is ace, totally IT.

the weblog awards are ON!
best celebrity blog i only read/knw Mark Cuban's... so that was my choice.
best technology blog well, lifehacker easily

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