January 16, 2009

jenni vs the phone

i am perplexed by my work phone. its an HTC touch pro, and having looked at and used Nokia's all my life it is very confusing. just trying to send an sms i screwed up. many times. uh.

work day was tooough, lotsa work. and very independent work too, i just kind of have to figure out things and what needs to be done. but i was told about this in the interviews, so i am not taken by surprise altho its a bit new... in a way it works quite well for me. i guess i could say i like it. lots of responsibility but freedom as well. there was a 'moving day' today as many switched their cubicles and teams were reorganized. i didnt have to move myself tho. at 12 a huge pizza order arrived (we picked out pizzas yesterday). i had my shrimp-feta cheese-caper pizza with cider.

the CMS is quite...err, complex, but its doable. ive learned a lot of new software stuff in my mere 4 days at work, that is quite cool, even if frustrating at times.

i dont mind at all that its weekend again. i could watch more Boston Legal...

my wedding 'dress' is coming along, i went to Tiitta's today to try out what shes done so far. looks good. it looks like we'll have about 40 guests. the cakes have been ordered.

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