January 17, 2009

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guide to converting to metric
our world 2.0 a blog on our environment, climate change.. but neat and well written despite the seemingly educational topics
tsunami hazard zone
work in progress err
should be aligned to the left (editors note)

i think i need to clean up myself, my slave's schedules dont fit with mine now that i work full time, so either i get a new one or... i think its starting to get too much of a hassle to again interview someone etc... it might be that i again fall in the pit of laziness but for now, ill try survive on my own for a bit.

i had Mark cut me play (back and forward) and stop buttons on my back. its about the resemblance of games vs life. there is no pause button on life. i think backwards play is memories or living in memories. stop can be pressed of course, but the battery will run out at some point anyway. the other arrow looks longer as the arm is stretched. the cuts are not very deep, my guess is this will stay for about a year or two. actually after a while it might need some work to perfect the design. and i am scratching the scab off a bit to elongate its 'life'... but i think if i still like this idea on my skin after a year or 2, i can get it tattooed, for now i will just think about it.

and i do find it funny that i am now, symbolically, a player. altho i am not really.

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