January 18, 2009

wheres my flower bouquet??

today is a big planning day for the pseudo-wedding. thats what im calling it now, much more clear altho not as fancy as "wedding day party".

next week will be super-busy, going to grocery store on friday. decorations on wednesday. liquor store on tuesday. i figure 60e for the punch maybe, 100e to red and white wine, and about 170e to sparkling wine (dont wanna run out of that!). usually theres just one kind of sparkling wine =dry. well, i dont like dry. ill get some dry and semi-dry, but mostly sweet i think. we will need suitcases for this job... first i was thinking car but u need to get the bottles first in the car and then out of car anyway?? if u got say 50kg's... thats tough. so actually going with suitcases and public transport maybe even easier as the transport connections are so good.

need to get plenty of plates and all that stuff too, but that belong into decorations, i will deal with it on wednesday with miss R.

theres also been confusion on gifts, i guess understandably people think they need to buy a wedding gift. which i think would be too much in this case. i do want to make things quite actual and real but not to that extent, on other peoples expense. besides gifts are usually houseware and were not moving together etc... we will send an email with the address etc one more time and include this note... i hope no one got nothing yet.

i will need to go try out the wedding dress stuff too at Tiitta's a couple times next week. she just found someone. a boyfriend that is. how lovely, what a lucky man....:) very cute. i shall meet him at the wedding.

oh and i saw Tiitta in the SuicideGirls book Beauty Redefined. nicely printed book, but i dont think the models are compensated enough. i bet Alan Shore in Boston Legal could argue this and sue them for huge damages... lol.

i need to do my nails today, i doubt i have time next week. besides they REALLY need work now... i havent had the time and energy to maintain them.

i need to dye my hair next week too, i like the red tones i got now but the roots at least should be black, it suits me so perfectly. i have not yet decided how to wear my hair!!

i am happy i can deal with my own make up. dont need to stress over someone fuckin it up. and pay shitloads for it. speaking of which, i havent decided on the make up either, ive been thinking about the lips some, but the rest is a mystery. a Joe Blasco base is a no-brainer for wedding tho...(or funeral for that matter, doesnt run down with tears).

Arttu is a part-time Mac user so i wonder if 'The Agreement of Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Assistance' should cover respecting different choices of OS? need to ask the bestman to put that in. he is drafting the final agreement.

i always swore to have Risifrutti at my wedding, that is a special item in the grocery list. i still need to call the importer about it...

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