February 26, 2009

daily best stuff

personality by pictures
fun, altho for me it was very hard to choose between...there are so many ideal...everything, trips and moments... i did it twice and got "easy rider" as well as "dreamer"

theres many other fun picture tests as well.

its been a hard week. im somewhat tired and feeling down. i need sleep - again. and friend i suppose. and bunnies of course. which reminds me...'

DAILYBUNNY. important stuff! bunnies! DAILY! the best EVER. saves my d...LIFE.

yesterday i went on a date. someone i met in a weird way through to workstuff, but he doesnt even know where i work so not really a colleague or anything... anyway, that was that. not a match, definitely. went to a photography exhibition opening. the photos were architechture/abstract..not my thing either as i suspected.

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