February 20, 2009

its getting light in the mornings. minus -5c or -10c.

well. i went to check out the 10e sparkling wine offer in a local restaurant today, with miss R. after which i came home as i had agreed for mr...(lets think of a name here)...'winterwar' to come over. hes someone i know through Sebastian's parties. i found out that mr winterwar has a spider as a pet. a big one. i was always afraid one day i would meet someone with a spider. jesus. gives me a the creeps. he just made sure i will never ever visit him :) fuck ugh FUCk. mr winterwar is around 24, really nice, smart. into mixed martial arts.

Karri has a housewarming party on saturday. i should do a the punch and help with stuff in general. i look forward to the evening.

at work, im busy with Oscars-related things actually... need to go to work early monday morning as well because of this.

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