March 02, 2009

kubb: chemical

terribly hard these past days. some chemical unbalance goin on, it under control and repair so ill just hang in here and wait.

the new colleague started today. didnt really get to know him much yet, altho he was talkative. good, i guess.

i plan to make myself momentarily happier by dyeing my hair (which was due anyway) and switching to the new handbag i got from Barcelona.

hmm, i havent bought a new parfum for a bit. yay, i guess? i certainly have enough. but, now im thinking of getting a new screen/display at home. i have 2 and would then give away the other, the smaller and less 'qualified' one. the huge screens at work are making me greedy. but greediness is (besides one of the 7 sins) a very normal quality in humans. a 'human quality' in fact. i guess you can repress it some. whatever. i just try to hang in here from day to another and really couldnt care less about these things... i aim to improve my qualities in some areas of personality and behavior, but 'greediness' is not at the top of the list. what is?

-respecting other beings more
-treating others better
-not dwelling in or elongating anger, hate or bitterness
-concentrating in current moment
-seeing things in perspective/being realistic

"i lego NY"

pretty art....

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