March 17, 2009

size matters

life is just one big technical battle these days... trying to move photos here, videos there, internet here...cables, file formats...and gadgets, all with different features and inputs and outputs... and you try collect yourself a nice set of these gadgets and manage your life and ... yea nevermind.

i got myself this 24" Eizo monitor yesterday (S2402W-E). so i went for a much cheaper option this time around, financial reasons obviously... i will keep my LaCie on the side tho, as a 2nd monitor. i just wanted something relatively okay... Eizo being good at graphics stuff made the decision for me. this will make web browsing and multitasking just easier for me right now.

and then... my nxt MP3 player? what is it?

perhaps i just go to sleep now. dream about the trip to Istanbul next summer. Miriam is checking into whether she can join me or not. im thinking ill go alone if nothing else, i just need to go somewhere and the flights to Istanbul are 150e in the beginning of july, why the fuck would anything stop me?

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