May 25, 2009

big smile pls

im a bit nervous for the porcelain veneers-operation tomorrow. its just part I, my teeth will be sanded down some, then a mould is made, we will check for the colors and i will get temporary veneers of some sort. in 2 weeks, part II, the porcelains are ready so ill go back and have them glued on. and then hope they last forever. ugh. i wanted this for like all my life but it took maaany yrs to convince my aunt to it. alto im a perfect candidate. we'll only do my 4 front teeth so nothing drastic, not hollowood. not perfect either, needs to match with the rest of the row. im sure some people wont even notice. but it matters for me and thats the whole point.

JimInEuropa wrote and hes hes coming to finland for midsummer! ive promised to show him around and entertain to the best of my abilty. i realized im going to istanbul right after midsummer. and that trip ends my june.

what happens after that is still a bit open at the moment.

some shoes ive been buying....

nice duo-color!

 favorite. i wore these last saturday for the first time.

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