May 09, 2009

why does the sun shine?

am i pathetic for liking Sarah McLachlan sometimes? it can work so well on a saturday morning (=afternoon).

yesterday we opened the terrace-season with miss R and VV and his bf. a few minutes of sunshine altogether. Hemingway's had sparkling wine for 15e/bottle, great offer, need to go again. we didnt stay too late -> good. so now im up and quite hopefull regarding this saturday, i may get something done. but i shouldnt be overjoyed until something actually happens?

yesterday, Hemingway's terrace

the corner of my cubicle. these pics and a little reminder get me through the day...

from the grill party on april 30th, shes really diggin the camera :) i gave it to her for evening snack (teeth sharpener?), and she sunk her 2 lill teeth into it, but seems like the cam survived.

i made myself some jewellery :D hypersthene earrings...

and some rings. i made more of those buttons rings later, purple and pink...:)

these heart arrings are from Etsy, made by EarthTonesOnline

but back to saturday... i need to go buy food. and make a new pair of earring's of these solid sterling hearts i bought from Etsy. and a matching necklace. some tv shows for relaxation in the evening...

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